#24th May Update: Over 10,00,000+ meals served . But funds are running low. Need additional support to keep the Khichdi Project going.


The Khichdi Project by Foodlink


Poor, hungry migrant labourers and daily wagers are among the worst affected in the Covid-19 crisis. Foodlink along with many partners and the Mumbai police has activated its central kitchens and is feeding over 12,000 (as of 17th April, 2020) people every day. 

This is among the most efficient, large scale, hygienic meal programs that is serving Mumbai in this crisis.



Operational Details of The Khichdi Project

Building a large platform to operate at scale is very important. The Khichdi Project is now the largest scale such kitchen operational in Mumbai.

The Foodlink Central kitchens are built for scale and are HACCP compliant and that allows the entire operation to be built for scale. WE ARE AIMING TO KEEP THE KHICHDI PROJECT GOING AS THE LOCKDOWN IS SET TO GET EXTENDED. PLEASE HELP SINCE WE WILL RUN OUT OF FUNDS BY MID-MAY.

The main meal served is 450 grams of KHICHDI - a nutritious and tasty staple Indian dish made out of rice, pulses, vegetables, turmeric and spices. This is now being expanded to a few other options but the core principle is to serve food that we would eat ourselves and food that will fill a hungry stomach with good quality nutrition.

We are sanitizing everything twice a day including the loading bays, garbage areas and the main door to the premises.

We are working with Police stations from Sion to Navi Mumbai and from Deonar to Mulund - for all Naka Bandi duty staff, and at police stations and other posts including those monitoring red zones.

We are also distributing through some amazing partners including

  • NESH Nobody Ever Sleeps Hungry a Giant’s Initiative

  • Jio Roti Bank 

  • YMCA

  • Roti Bank

  • Project MUMBAI

  • The Tehsildar’s office and Land Survey office.



The Khichdi Project by Foodlink is achieving more with our initiatives than ever before. We work on many exciting projects to help improve the lives of others, and are very proud of the progress we continue to make. Learn more about what we do, who we help, and how we work every day to promote positive change.

Why Khichdi ?

We are currently supplying Khichadi in 450 gram individual packs. Khichdi is a complete meal providing simple carbohydrates that are easy to digest and provide  energy over extended period of time. Vegetables provide extra nutrition and fibre. The whole product is also easy to eat.


Central Kitchens to bring Scale

Maximise Impact through a full-fledged factory operation which is cost effective, hygienic and operates at a scale that maximises the impact of your contribution.

Mumbai Police helping Distribute

A big challenge is effective distribution through the lockdown


Food trucks for Communities

Delivering across the city of Mumbai currently


List of Partners

Oaks Asset Management

Fund raising partners

Mumbai Police

For helping The Khichdi Project solve Distribution- the key bottleneck

Rotary Club of Mumbai, Queens Necklace

For being prime partners with Foodlink from the start

Essar Foundation

For being prime partners with Foodlink in this mission

Kishinchand Chellaram Foundation

For their generous contribution towards this mission

Jio Roti Foundation

Distribution partners

Roti Bank

Distribution Partner

Giants Foundation NESH (Nobody Ever Sleeps Hungry)

Distribution Partners


Distribution Partners

Project Mumbai

Distribution Partner

Fund raising partners

The Khichdi Project

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If you have any problems with payments or need to reach out to us, please write to TheKhichdiProject@gmail.com

(We read every message though we might take a little time to respond back)


List of Contributors

This project is entirely crowdfunded. We are very grateful to each and every one of you who is contributing and supporting this mission. A list of financial contributors is enclosed below and we continue to add to this list of names....Thank you to every one of you.